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Study in person one on one or together with a class


Redefining the Way Students Learn in Person

We're passionate about YOU and your improvement. ProEd has revolutionized the way we do tutoring. No more giant classes where the teacher is just at the front, and you're mindlessly copying down the board. Students are active, and learning is personal. We close the loop on learning, practice, and exam preparation - offering workshops, personalized exam practice, and more.



At ProEd, we teach students from Year 7 to Year 12, across a wide range of subjects.


We have courses that start at different points in time which allow you to learn ahead of your peers in academics. 

Explore our courses further to see how we can help you achieve your best!

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Eric Kang

99.95 ATAR


ProEd is really helpful because, the online exam generator called Ezra. I can get. lot of questions from there so when I'm outside of ProEd, I can keep practicing and keep sharpening my math skills. Before our school exams, ProEd would also often run revision exams, and they were really helpful because the revisions sessions were really specified to specific topics that our school was testing us on, and that really helped me pull through and get good marks in the exams.

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