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ProEd personalises the delivery of the best and most current resources to all its students.

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The FLOW Concept

Our unique FLOW model is designed to methodically order and structure individual lessons, allowing students to understand any concept with ease.


School Assessment

ProEd cares deeply about our student's results in their school assessments. That's why students will recieve extensive resources for school assessments i.e. past papers, reprinting of classwork, homework class exams and revision notes.


Students can upload their exam notifications and we will arrange dedicated revision sessions on free of charge before a student's exam.


Students can generate custom exams on EZRA, an exam generator, which now houses 50000+ exam questions including Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Weekly Quiz

Exam questions relevant to school assessments are done under strict exam conditions each week so students can practice exam techniques.


Exams are submitted on the APP in class for marking and feedback. Results are logged and students and parents can view class stats and leaderboard for the exam. Students who perform exceptionally in the class exams are awarded with a prize at the end of each term.

Weekly Lesson

ProEd works on a topic schedule that is ahead of school, allowing students to stay on top of their learning. 

Proed also opens focus classes for specific school schedules. 

All lessons are conducted using our innovative FLOW approach allows students to thoroughly practice each concept that is taught in class and receive individualised help when needed.


Students can save their mistakes on the app, and then filter questions by topics in order to prepare for assessments. 


Our innovative upload feature allows students to submit exams and homework for marking. 


Students can watch videos of class lessons, homework solutions and exam solutions right from the app.


Class stats and leaderboards (shows the top 3 students) available for weekly homework and exams and also end of term exams.


Parents account can track all student homework and exam submission, tutor marking and feedback and also states and leaderboard all right from the APP.


Proed provides questions that are relevant to school assessments and beyond, allowing students to better develop their skills and knowledge surrounding important tasks throughout the school year.


Students have 24/7 access to #justask channel on discord where students can ask questions anonymously and receive help anywhere at anytime.


Free workshops and study rooms run everyday from 4:30pm-7:30pm after school on weekdays and from 12pm-4pm on weekends where students are able to receive instant help from our tutors who are present during workshop times.


Submit homework on our APP for marking and detailed feedback from our tutors. After homework is marked students also receive a video solution through the APP or our online portal.


ProEd has a strict weekly compulsory homework policy.



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