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Personalised Learning.
Practical Resources.

Proficient Teaching.

No more tuning out and getting lost.

We're passionate about YOU and your improvement. Proed has revolutionised the way we do tutoring. No more giant classes where the teacher is just at the front, and you're mindlessly copying down the board. Students are active, and learning is personal. We close the loop on learning, practise, and exam preparation - offering workshops, personalised exam practise, and more.


Thousands of exam papers at your fingertips.

At Proed, we know that the most effective way to be ready is to practise past exam questions. EZRA is a unique exam generator created for our students to access exam questions from the right topics and proper difficulties. We're saying goodbye to crawling through unhelpful notes and irrelevant exam papers, and hello to timed practises, solutions, and personal mistake checking for maximum improvement.

Get the support you need, even outside of class time.

We understand that it is not productive for our students to be only restricted to class time when asking questions. As so, Proed wants to provide support whenever and wherever they need. Our instant chat channels connects classes to tutors, providing an avenue for us to respond promptly to any queries. It does not just end there. Our workshops welcome students to come almost everyday, where tutors will be present to answer any questions that may arise.

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Read Some Testimonials From Our Students

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When I first stepped foot into Proed, I knew the atmosphere was unique from everywhere I’ve been. The students were conscientious and intelligent yet lightened the mood with humour and fun. The teachers are the friendliest and most attentive to each student’s level. Proed’s biggest advantage over other coaching centres is its special environment.

Andy Du | Sydney Boys High School 

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Proed's small group individualised teaching style has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of different topics. With 24/7 help and workshops it allows a solidification of the concepts I struggled with as well as helped to prepare for school assessments.

Brandon Han | North Sydney Boys High School

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I joined Proed in Year 11 and its the best decision I have made for my senior studies. My previous tutoring centre had classes up to 30 students and as such, was not as considerate to my personal concerns as much as Proed has been. The small sized classes ensured that there was always direct support from my tutor. I was constantly engaged with the class and caught myself actively participating. 

Jonathan Roberto | Sydney Boys High School

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Despite the uncertainty of 2021, Proed has remained a constant and necessary part of my learning. The dedication of their teachers and tutors is evident through the consideration and care they instil in creating interactive teaching environments and learning support services. During online learning, the weekly live class sessions, personalised homework feedback, video solutions, 24/7 live support and 1-1 workshops with tutors have really set Proed apart from other tutoring centres. I feel supported and well prepared for school assessments. Proed never fails to deliver the best quality tutoring services!

Joanna Li | Meriden School

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Proed's overwhelming support system is definitely what makes them different from other centres. It makes studying so much easier and convenient!

Mervyn Wan | Baulkham Hills High School

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The resources at Proed have never once failed me! They're concise and clear, detailing every single topic. It has been extra helpful right before exams when I need to quick look over all the topics. Also, as a student, I always tend to misplace my notes but Proed has been extra accommodating by offering unlimited printing!!

Valerie Constan | St Ursula’s College

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What makes Proed unique is its close-knit and fun learning environment, that will make you WANT to learn. The tutors are all really helpful, and the fact that you can come as many times as you want really will help you in your academic endeavours. Proed honestly feels like a big family, and the Proed community is something you won’t find in any other tutoring place!

Leo Lu | James Ruse Agricultural High School

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Proed has played a major role in advancing my studies at high school. The study rooms that they provide to students, who can come at any time, has benefited my attentiveness towards my studies. Whenever I am self studying, there is always a tutor around to care for my concerns. All the tutors are friendly and lively, making students feel welcome to ask a wide range of questions at any time. I think the main thing that makes Proed so exceptional is the comfortable and happy atmosphere. So I guess you could say, Proed makes learning enjoyable!

Alvin Liu | Sydney Boys High School

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All the tutors at Proed are knowledgeable and admirable! Their caring and supportive attitude has definitely left a positive impact to my studies.

Jade Girolamo | MLC School