Online Private Classes

Year 7 to 12 English, Maths and Sciences


Online Private Classes

We understand that school and tutoring have gone through some radical changes and it can be hard to adjust to virtual learning. This is why we have created an online system that gives you all the benefits our existing campus provided and more to help support you during this difficult time.


Our model is highly interactive and all resources are easily accessible and delivered to you. Learn more about our model and how it will benefit you below.

Courses available online

Year 7-10

  • English

  • Maths

Year 11 & 12

  • English Standard

  • English Advanced

  • English Ext. 1

  • Maths Standard

  • Maths Advanced

  • Maths Ext. 1

  • Maths Ext. 2

  • Biology

  • Chemisty

  • Physics

The Proed Model

10 minute 1-1 workshop every week
LIVE 1 to 1 private lesson
Weekly Homework
Weekly videos going through homework booklet solutions
Individual Feedback
Resources delivered to your home & extra resources available upon request
24/7 live SUPPORT

Your Monthly Resource Package

Booklets, notes, quizzes delivered straight to your home at no extra cost

  • Class and homework booklets delivered monthly for the upcoming topics.

  • Extra questions, notes and quizzes free for delivery upon request.

  • Covers key concepts

  • Questions designed to help you grasp the fundamentals

  • Designed to be taught with our live lessons

  • Each topic has xx questions to reinforce class concepts

  • Designed in an exam style

  • Randomised exam style questions to test your knowledge

  • Used to track your progress

  • You may request for extra homework or quizzes if you wish

  • Exclusive and free for all our students!

Resource Package

Sketching Parabola C
Sketching Parabola H
Sketching Parabola Q

24/7 Instant Support

Ask questions whenever you want, wherever you are, however you like and get instant help from our professional tutors

  • Slack channel structured in a way that allows you to communicate in anyway you like:

    • Class channel chats

    • #justask channel

    • Direct message tutors

  • To support you we also have weekly 1-1 workshops for each student to go through any questions

slack screenshot 3.png
slack screenshot 1.png

Individual Feedback

Homework will be marked weekly and students can access all their marks on our online portal

  • Scan your homework onto our portal

  • Homework and quizzes will be marked weekly

  • Access all your marks on our online portal

  • We give you individual feedback and support based on your results



You can now easily customise and generate your own exam. Simply choose your topics and EZRA will create an exam with randomised questions from past papers.



Zoe Li

Year 9 in 2021 | Sydney Girls High School

There is virtually no difference between the online and face to face course. Ranging from the quality of the materials to the targeted support for each individual, I feel that Pro-ed's online course is unparalleled.

Online Private Tutoring


per hour (excluding GST).