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Learn from the comfort of your own home


Learning from home

Delivered straight to your door upon enrolment, ProEd offers a setup that solves the issues involved with online tutoring, providing an exceptionally unique experience tailored to your personal needs.

Student View

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Tutor View

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Learning Online

ProEd's unique approach to online tutoring involves a specific study space set up that ensures that the quality of our teaching is not hindered by the technology available to us. With this, we are able to offer a more flexible, personalized, and convenient option to our students without being restricted by the boundaries of online tutoring.

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Tutors and students can now work together remotely allowing more opportunities for a deeper understanding of concepts.

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This setup allows tutors to focus more on students, creating a productive environment

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Real-time feedback through the camera allows tutors to hone in on students' weaknesses and provide the support they need.

  • Private tutoring is available for every subject and year level

  • Classwork will be delivered straight to your doorstep every 5 weeks.

  • Upon enrolment, our team will deliver the required equipment for your online lessons.

  • Students will gain access to all the other resources offered by ProEd such as EZRA, unlimited notes, workshops, etc.

  • Lessons will occur through Zoom with a ProEd Private Tutor.

  • Our program requires good internet connection and a tablet.

Online Private Tutoring Price

Year 7 to Year 8: 1 Hour Lessons

Year 9 to Year 10: 1.5 Hour Lessons

Year 11 to Year 12: 2 Hour Lessons


(excluding GST) + $35 One Time Application Fee

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