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Module 5

Vertical & Horizontal Projectile Motion
Symmetrical & Asymmetrical Projectile Motion
Uniform Circular Motion
Unbanked & Banked Track
Torque & Law of Universal Gravitation
Kepler's Laws & Orbital Velocity
Total Energy, Escape Velocity & Transfer of Orbitals
Exam & Review

Module 6

Electric Field Between Parallel Plates
Right Hand Palm Rule
Forces Between Two Parallel Wires
Faraday and Lenz's Law
Application of Lenz's Law & Transmission Lines
DC Motors & Back EMF
AC Generators & Induction Motors
Exam & Review

Module 7

Maxwell's Contribution & Speed of Light
Battle between Newton and Huygens & Polarisation

Introduction to Quantum Physics & Star Composition

Photoelectric Effect
Einstein's Two Postulates & Thought Experiment
Time Dilation & Length Contractionn
Exam & Review

Module 8

Expansion of Universe & Evidence for Big Bang
H-R Diagram & Stellar Evolution
Cathode Ray, Millikan's Oil Experiment & Alpha Scattering
Balmer's Equation & De Broglie Wavelength
Standard Model & Particle Accelerators 

Half-Life & Radioisotope Decay
Mass Defect, Binding Energy & Mass-Energy Equivalence

Yearly Exam & Review

Year 12 Physics  Tutoring Prices

(*excluding GST)

Group Tutoring

Cost Per Hour






Number of Lessons per Term

11 Lessons

Term Price

$1089 (Including $99 GST)


Private Tutoring

Cost Per Hour






Number of Lessons per Term

10 Lessons

Term Price

$1237.5 (Including $112.5 GST)


What's Included?

Weekly Classwork

Every lesson has pre-organised and ready classwork able to keep students occupied for the entirety of the lesson. 

Weekly Homework

After each lesson, students are given homework based on their classwork that week. This allows our students practise more questions and further strengthen their understanding of the topic

Weekly Quiz

Our students are given weekly quizzes at the end of each lesson based on the topic of the week before, this allows them to test how well they have grasped the knowledge of the last topic.

Extra Work At No Cost At All!

At Proed, we encourage all students to study on their own and give extra work with no extra cost to help our students reach their full academic potential

Passionate and Caring Tutors

Here at Proed we pride ourselves on our tutors who are not only more than capable as tutors but passionate about what they do and care deeply about their students. 


Daily Workshop

Workshop is available EVERYDAY at Proed with tutors are always available in the workshop to answer any questions students may have. Moreover, Proed can print extra work or exam papers for students who come to workshops 

Study Area

Proed provides students with a quiet spacious study space everyday anytime. This can be useful for students if they want somewhere to study quiet before and after class without being disturbed as well as being able to easily ask for more work. 

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Access to EZRA

ERZA is Proed’s own self developed exam generator with around 70000 questions and 12 courses. It allows our students to easily customise and generate their own exam papers with 12 exam style questions tailored to their needs. By giving our students access to ERZA we are able to greatly help our students in their studies and maximise their effectiveness. Additionally, each question has a code where students are easily able to put into our website to get the solution to either mark or get help with solving the question. 

Discord Channel

Proed’s own discord channel, makes accessibility to tutors, admins and resources far easier, and we are able to better accommodate our students studying remotely. 
Our Justask channel enables students to ask questions anytime and anywhere anonymously as well as individual channels of the classes you’re in for more specific questions. 

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Homework and Quiz Marking

Our app has the most advanced system for marking homework and exams. Students can easily upload homework and exams onto the app and our tutors will mark the homework and exams remotely and return the marked work on the app. 

Your homework would never get lost and is easily accessible in the future. 

Videos on APP

We understand that sometimes you get distracted in class or just couldn't grasp a specific concept in class, so there is a pre recorded video of each lesson on the app. 

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 5.56.08 pm.png

Parents can Track Student Progress

Our app allows both parents and students to track their progress, along with statistics on every weekly quiz to see how you’re doing compared to your classmates.



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