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About Us


About Us

We're passionate about YOU and your improvement. ProEd has revolutionized the way we do tutoring. No more giant classes where the teacher is just at the front, and you're mindlessly copying down the board. Students are active, and learning is personal. We close the loop on learning, practice, and exam preparation - offering workshops, personalized exam practice, and more.



Our teaching is guided by The FLOW Concept, a method of ordering and structuring our lessons, which consequently improves our student's understanding of the topics. Here, we have broken down our concept in four sections to give you a slight insight into how significant the FLOW is to our student's learning.

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Our tutors spend a short time covering fundamentals (formula, definition, derivation, examples) while majority of the time, the students are working through the workbook. If students run into any trouble the tutors can address the question individually in a more personalised manner, without disrupting other students’ time and momentum. However, when the tutor feels that they needs too, they will still address the entire class on particular concepts or questions as required. This methodology ensures each student seeks their own understanding of the concept!

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By the time the student reaches homework, they should have already mastered the fundamentals of the lesson. Questions in the homework range from easy to difficult, similar to that of a recap booklet. Ideally completed within 2 hours, these questions have been specially formulated to strengthen the concepts introduced in the lesson. However, in the situation that the student needs more revision, Proed provides unlimited worksheets, ensuring that each student’s needs have been taken care of. 

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Parents and students receiving timely feedback is key to success. The way we present feedback is intuitive and innovative. Each student will have a personalised link to a report which will not only show their results for each weekly quiz, but also on how they performed in each topic of the quiz. Over time they will accumulate invaluable insights to their strengths and weaknesses.

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Topics that are examined in the quiz are randomised, meaning topics covered from two weeks before, last term or even last year could be examined. We believe this forces students to be more attentive when learning and more importantly, to put in the effort to understand and retain the concept rather than knowing it will only be tested next week.

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