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How ProEd provides the best support

On campus and Online

Proed provides the best support both online and in person to ensure that students have the best learning experience and revise for their exams and assignments in the most efficient way.

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EZRA: Our Exam Generator

We’ve created EZRA, our tool that allows our students to easily customise and generate their own exam papers with 12 exam style questions. You’ll never need to scrounge the internet for exams or to look through hundreds of past papers for the perfect questions. 


Have a quick look into how convenient and accessible we have made our resources for our students.




Choose up to 4 topics that you want in your exam. Select the level of difficultly suited to your requirements.

Generate your exam paper!

Full solutions can be accessed in the EZRA database but we will always have friendly tutors that can assist you even further.

The Proed App

With our app, we've made it easier for students who download our app to access their course information and submit homework or exams. Here, they can also use EZRA, our exam generator.

We also understand that irritable feeling of wanting to save that difficult question you didn’t understand for later revision. Our app is the solution to storing these notes at ease, ensuring you never forget them again.

Take a photo of the question and solution or notes using the app.


Enter the reason as to why you wanted to store it. (Did you not understand a question or was it just a silly mistake?)


Have the option to add topic tags to the question or note.


Before an exam or whenever you need revision, search and filter for these questions and notes.


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Our Extra Support Systems

Our daily workshops provide our students the opportunity to study what they please in a productive space. Students are not just limited to self studying as we always have tutors present, responding to any query that may arise. Rest assured, our students will never need to spend their time finding a space to study. 

We provide an instant, live #justask channel that allows our tutors to support our students outside of class, 24/7. From small queries to entire explanations of questions, our tutors are active to promptly respond, ensuring students never struggle by themselves ever again! 

See how easily our #justask channel works.

Here at Proed we have implemented a system that allows our students to book free sessions with a tutor for revision, giving them an opportunity to review what they have learnt right before an exam. Students can also share the link of the session with their friends, even to those outside of Proed.

We understand the struggle when students attempt to search the web in hopes of finding study notes that would help them understand the topic. At Proed however, all our students need to do is ask, as we provide free and unlimited reprinting of our extensive and detailed study notes.  

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