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YEAR 11 Mathematics


Index Law

Algebraic Expressions

Equations and Formulas

Problem Solving - Algebra

Units, Accuracy of Measurement

Pythagoras and Perimeter

Area and Land Surveying

Surface Area


Trapezoidal Rule

Problems Solving - Measurement


Probability and Statistics

Data and Graphs


Measure of Spread

Probability and Relative Frequency

Tree Diagrams and Complementary Events

Earning Money and Government Allowance
Payslip, Net Pay and Taxation + GST
Water Consumption
Food and Energy Consumption
Electricity and Budgeting
Simple Interest and Depreciation
Compound Interest and Depreciation


Linear Relationships

Cost of Owning a Car

Linear Relationships
Linear Modelling

Insurance and Stamp Duty
Running Cost of a Car
BAC and Accident Statistics
Speed Distance, Time and Stopping Distance

Functions and Relations

Concept of Functions and Relations
Function Notations
Linear Functions
Quadratic Functions and the Parabola
Sketching Other Functions and Relations
Find the Equation of Functions and Relations
Piecewise and Absolute Value Functions
Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities
Further Simultaneous Equations and Intersections
Applications of Simulaneous Equations
The Discriminant
Roots and Identities of Quadratic Polynomials

Trigonometric Ratios
Trigonometric Equations
Trigonometric Identities
Trigonometric Ratios and Equations in Radians
Practical Applications of Trigonometry
3D Trigonometry 
Arc Length and Area of Sectors and Segment


Differential Calculus

Differentiation Rules
Tangents and Normals Using Differentiation
Exponential and Logarithm
Exponential and Logarithm Equations
Differentiation of Exponential and Logarithm
Rate of Change

Single Stage Dependent and Independent Probability
Multi Stage Dependent and Independent Probability
Discrete Probability Distribution 

Statistical Analysis


Trigonometry Ratios

Trigonometry Equations

Trigonometry Identities

Trigonometry Ratios and Equations in Radians

Compound Angle Ratios

Compound Angle Equations

Compound Angle Identities

General Solutions

Products and Sums

Practical Application of Trigonometry

3D Trigonometry

Arc Lengths, Area of Sector and Segments

Absolute Values Functions

Curve Sketching

Further Functions and Relations

Trigonometry Functions

Further Transformation 1

Further Transformation 2

Inverse Trigonometry Graphs

Inverse Trigonometry Expressions


Roots of Polynomials

Functions and Relations


Differentiation Rules
Differentiation of Exponential and Logs
Differentiation of Trigonometry
Properties of First Derivative
Properties of Second Derivative
Derivative and Primitive Graphs
Rates of Change
Exponential Growth and Decay
Inverse Function Using Differentiation
Further Polynomials
Further Optimisation

Counting Techniques in a Line
Counting in Circles and Cases
Combinatoric Proofs and Pigeonhole Principle
Binomial Expansion
Greatest Coefficients
Discrete Random Variable


Year 11 Tutoring Prices

(*excluding GST)


Group classes for only $28/hr (i.e. $840 per term)

Private classes for only $75/hr 


Group classes for only $28/hr (i.e. $840 per term)

Private classes for only $75/hr 

Extension 1

Group classes for only $28/hr (i.e. $1008 per term)

Private classes for only $75/hr 

  • ​​Private tutoring and group classes are available for every subject and year level.

  • Theory booklets and homework booklets are provided for every class.

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  • Weekly quizzes and homework are provided and marked.

  • 24/7 access to online help through discord

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  • Advanced lessons run for 2.5 hour a week

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  • Lessons for year 11 Math students run on a 12 week cycle


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