You can now easily customise and generate your own exam. Simply choose your topics and EZRA will create an exam with randomised questions from past papers.

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We prepare you for exams. EZRA is the best tool to boost your marks.

Sick of scrounging the internet for past exam papers? Tired of looking through hundreds of past papers to find the relevant topics for you? That's why we created EZRA - a tool that let's you pick 4 topics you need to study, your level of difficulty and in seconds you will have an exam paper with twelve exam style questions. Once completed, full solutions can be accessed in the EZRA database at a fingertip.

Currently available from year 8-12.




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Watch how EZRA let's you easily create the exam paper you need within seconds.

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​​Justin Wang

Year 11 in 2021 | Trinity Grammar

EZRA has been an incredible take-home experience which enables me to refine areas in which I am struggling with. By generating exam-like questions for each distinct module whilst also being accessing the exact approach to access full marks to each question, I am able to solidify my knowledge on areas I am uncertain of, ultimately enabling me to gain a comprehensive understanding on all of the rigorous elements within my Maths course. 

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