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Expansion of Universe & Evidence for Big Bang
H-R Diagram & Stellar Evolution
Cathode Ray, Millikan's Oil Experiment & Alpha Scattering
Balmer's Equation & De Broglie Wavelength
Standard Model & Particle Accelerators 

Half-Life & Radioisotope Decay
Mass Defect, Binding Energy & Mass-Energy Equivalence

Exam & Review

Module 8

Module 5

Electric Field Between Parallel Plates
Right Hand Palm Rule
Forces Between Two Parallel Wires
Faraday and Lenz's Law
Application of Lenz's Law & Transmission Lines
DC Motors & Back EMF
AC Generators & Induction Motors

Exam & Review

Module 7

Vertical & Horizontal Projectile Motion
Symmetrical & Asymmetrical Projectile Motion
Uniform Circular Motion
Unbanked & Banked Track
Torque & Law of Universal Gravitation
Kepler's Laws & Orbital Velocity
Total Energy, Escape Velocity & Transfer of Orbitals


Exam & Review

Module 6

Maxwell's Contribution & Speed of Light
Battle between Newton and Huygens & Polarisation

Introduction to Quantum Physics & Star Composition

Photoelectric Effect
Einstein's Two Postulates & Thought Experiment
Time Dilation & Length Contraction


Exam & Review

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