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** We offer accelerated class (1 term ahead), starting Year 10 Term 4**

Scalar & Vector Quantity
Graphical Interpretation
Resolving Vector Problems
Relative Velocity
Challenge Vector Questions

Exam & Review

Module 2

Mechanical Waves & Electromagnetic Waves
Superposition, Resonance & Standing Waves in Pipes 
Doppler Effect & Beats
Refractive Index, Law of Reflection & Snell's Law
Formation of Image in Mirrors and Lenses
Laws of Thermodynamics 
Latent Heat & Rate of Heat Transfer

Exam & Review

Module 4

Module 1

Sir Isaac Newton's Three Laws
Frictional Coefficient & Inclined Plane
Elevator & Extension Pully Questions
Work, Gravitational Potential Energy & Power

Momentum & Impulse
Elastic, Inelastic Collisions & Conservation of Momentum

Exam & Review

Module 3

Charging & Coulomb's Law
Electric Field Strength in Parallel Plates & Potential Difference
Current, Power,  Ohmic & Non-Ohmic Resistor
Kirchhoff's Law, Series & Parallel Circuits
Magnetic Field Strength, Right Hand Grip Rule & Right Hand Solenoid Rule

Yearly Exam & Review

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