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Atomic Structure


Spectroscopy & Separation Techniques


Lewis Dot and Bonding

Shapes and Intermolecular Forces


Exam & Review

Module 2 

Identify & Predict Products of Chemical Reactions

Reactivity Series & Displacement Reactions

Redox Reactions & Oxidation State

Galvanic Cell & Half Equations

Standard Electrode Potentials

Activation Energy & Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution


Exam & Review

Module 4 

Module 1 

Chemical Reactions

Arvogadro Constant & Defination of Moles

Empirical Formula & Limiting Reagent

PPM & Molarity

Ideal Gas Law

Application of Ideal Gas Law


Exam & Review

Module 3 

Dissociation of Ionic Substance & Molar Heat

Enthalpy Change & Calorimetry

Hess's Law, Standard Enthalpy Change & Latent Heat

Entropy and Enthlpy Drive

Gibbs Free Energy


Yearly Exam & Review

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