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Our Mission

Our team is dedicated to one mission - ensure you achieve your best results and receive support whenever you need.

Our Story

In 2013, we started Proed to disrupt the outdated and mass targeted model of the tutoring industry. Coming from our own experience with tutoring centres that did not add value to students individually, we set out to create an entirely different tutoring model.


We built Proficiency Education - a tutoring school with a unique set of notes that focused on nailing concepts and individualised support with small workshops and exam revision classes that are uniquely catered for each student.



Structured to focus on helping you understand the fundamentals of each topic. The tutor spends a short time covering fundamentals and majority of the time working through carefully chosen questions that apply the concepts. Tutors will address group questions and go around class to work through your problems individually.



Weekly homework booklets serve to fortify the concepts learned in class and is ideally completed within 1-2 hours. We strongly believe in getting the most out of homework with minimal time required.



Our quizzes are important for us to measure whether you are really understanding the concepts. It is a way for you to understand what you still need to practise and to hold ourselves accountable for your progress. This is provided weekly and extra quizzes are always free upon request.



We provide you with extra practise questions, daily workshops and an instant, live #justask channel for 24/7 support. Extra practise questions are printed free on request and we offer unlimited daily workshops in order to give you the extra support you need.


Individual Feedback

We use a personalised system for reporting and tracking progress as we believe it is critical that you receive timely and individualised feedback. You will have a personal link to track your homework and quiz results. We analyse this weekly and to help us understand what areas we need to improve together.


Extra Support

We understand that it is not productive for you to only be able to ask questions during class once a week and want to help you whenever and where ever you need. We will always reply your queries promptly over our instant chat channels and each class and tutor will have their own channels for your unlimited use.

The Flow Concept

The FLOW™ concept

Our proprietary way of ordering questions, topics and lessons to create momentum when working, allowing students to proceed with minimal assistance. This helps them become more confident and satisfied in their learning which consequently advances them further."


Classes and classwork

The tutor spends a short time covering fundamentals (formula, definition, derivation and maybe an example). Majority of the time, the students are working through the workbook with questions, and if the students run into any trouble the tutor could address the question with the student individually. This means other students' time and momentum are not disrupted if they don't face the same problem and the student could ask the question in a more personalised way with the tutor next to him. Likewise, the tutor could also respond in a more personalised way. This does not mean the tutor does not address the class together completely - when the tutor feels the need to, he can still address the whole class on particular concepts and questions as required.


The methodology is for each student to learn personally and seek their own understanding of the concepts. This model is not as easy to achieve as it sounds. We first started with a complete overhaul of the material to optimise for the model. Each set of notes has a dedicated topic or concept that we believe the student should master by the end of a lesson so that each lesson would not be clustered with multiple topics but would reach more depth with one or two concepts where schools or otherwise could not reach. This also helps generate what we at Proficiency call FLOW™.


Each section is crafted so that the questions are in abundance for each concept for students to have enough opportunities to apply the concept but not so repetitive that the student will lose interest. This is an ongoing quest and our notes are continuously being improved and optimised to this day, everyday.


Thought has also been put into the order and schedule that the topics and lessons should be taught in - this is also linked to the FLOW™ concept and understanding of the topics. Some abstract topics and concepts will need to be expanded to a full lesson or a significant amount of the lesson as each lesson should only include a few concepts. (this is hard to achieve due to lack of materials and questions that are available to a certain abstract concept, for example, recurring functions).


All answers are grayed out (to prevent students from accidentally finding the answer) and given on the bottom right corner of each question instead of leaving at the back of the book so that it saves time for students and improves the FLOW™ and momentum of students' work in class.



By the time the student reaches homework, they should have already mastered the fundamentals and concept of the lesson. In the homework we deliberately break away from the FLOW™ or ordered way of how we present questions in the classwork and give non-repetitive questions from ranging from easy to difficult for practice. The homework solely serves as a recap booklet for the classwork, hence it is much shorter and ideally could be completed within 1 to 2 hours, as we hope our homework does not compromise the amount of time students spend on other subjects and recreational activities or family time. We strongly believe that a great tutoring centre not only helps their students master and excel in the subject but to do so WITH minimal time commitment (around 3-5 hours a week depending on your school year).


Proficiency Education is extremely resourceful and willing to go above and beyond, hence at parents' or students' request, we are able to provide additional work on top of the classwork and homework. Proficiency also prints close to unlimited extra materials to assist students in their studies for their exams at no extra cost. We also encourage students to re-attempt class workbooks all the time as this has proven to be extremely helpful. We also provide useful avenues when extra help is needed including online live tutoring (extra fee), workshops (free) and a #justask channel (free) where tutors respond promptly.



Quizzes are an important addition to our model, it serves as an opportunity for the students to attempt the questions when it is NOT FLOW™ing. Topics that are examined in the quiz are randomised, meaning topics covered from two weeks before, last term or even last year could be examined. We believe this forces students to be more attentive when learning and more importantly, to put in the effort to understand and retain the concept rather than knowing it will only be tested next week. Parents and students receive comprehensive feedback on the result of each weekly quiz.



Parents and students receiving timely feedback is key to success. The way we present feedback is intuitive and innovative. Each student will have a personalised link to a report which will not only show their results for each weekly quiz, but also on how they performed in each topic of the quiz. Over time they will accumulate invaluable insights to their strengths and weaknesses.


Homework effort will also be recorded and given back each week. This will not only help parents and students keep track of their progress but will also help us determine which topics the student should reattempt at home or at the workshops. It is also used to track tutor performance.



Our workshops run almost every day that Proficiency Education is open. We reprint lessons and extra materials when students want to attend a workshop or students can bring in their own work. A tutor will be present at each workshop roaming around the room, checking students' work or answering any questions that arise. Mentioning the FLOW™ of notes is also relevant here as it is this very nature that allows our students to be able to work more on their own and free our tutors to roam and camp around different students rather than needing to address every next question.



Communication between student and tutor, student and the centre administrator, student and their peers are all vital to succeeding. Proficiency Education uses a dedicated messaging application to provide easy access to all stakeholders in one location. Tutors are able to communicate efficiently with all students at once or individual direct messages and vice versa. There is a #justask channel where students can send questions by simply just taking a photo whenever and wherever. Our tutors are extremely keen and prompt with responding.

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