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Year 7 to 12 English, Maths and Sciences.

Located in the suburb of Burwood within Sydney, Proed is a multi-award wining high school tutoring centre ensuring students achieve the best results and support whenever they need. 


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What Our Students Say


Tracy To

99.95 | Burwood Girls High School

As an international student who arrived in Australia three years before the HSC, I quickly realised that the road to a Band 6 was a strenuous and long journey that would be extremely difficult to navigate alone. Proficiency Education provided me with the quintessential fine-tuning I needed for my subjects to achieve the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. They provided thorough courses in each of the subjects I required and I achieved marks over 95 for English, 4U Maths, Physics and Chemistry, allowing me to obtain a 99.95 ATAR despite my short time in Australia. On top of that, Proficiency Education was an extremely inclusive and friendly environment which allowed me to feel a true sense of belonging whilst also learning.