Year 7 to 12 English, Maths and Sciences



ATAR: 99.95 | Sydney Girls High School

Proficiency Education creates a very welcoming environment for all students to feel comfortable to learn in. David is a very helpful tutor and is always willing to provide all students with extra support. In particular, I think that I greatly benefited from David’s wonderful teaching in helping me achieve a fantastic result in Maths Extension 1 & 2.  


Tracy To

ATAR: 99.95 | Burwood Girls High School

Proficiency Education has been my super supportive and convenient companion in year 12.

One of the things I like about Proed the most is helpful and accomplished tutors who are always willing to help me outside classes and provide me extra practice questions when in need. The courses are well-structured, with a sufficient blending of theory and practice, which is crucial because I used to find it hard to incorporate theories into practical questions. On top of that, what makes Proed stand out is its friendly and inclusive environment in which tutors and students are able to interact collaboratively.


Phillip Liang

ATAR: 99.95 | James Ruse Agricultural High School

“Thanks to Proficiency, I maintained my first ranking in James Ruse during Years 11 and 12 despite the competition growing fiercer every year. Proficiency’s one-to-one tutoring was perfect for me.

I was always learning new things and pushing myself to the limits of my abilities, whereas I become bored in a large classroom environment because the work did not extend me enough. My tutor, David, constantly challenged me with more difficult questions I had never encountered, sourcing them from an endless well of resources. I remember encountering a very interesting complex polynomials question which I’d never seen before and had no idea how to solve, but David walked me through the solution. We practiced so many questions that I became extremely efficient.

I would always have a lot of time leftover in exams to check my answers. I became confident enough to walk into any exam knowing that I would either recognise the type of question and be able to solve it, or use my ample checking time to solve any novel question.” 

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