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Yating Huang

Penrith High School

Before Proed:

Initially, I had joined Proficiency as I was struggling with differentiation and I was achieving below average results in my school’s accelerated maths class. School often went through content quite quickly and I felt as if I was blindly memorising rules without understanding the concepts behind them. 

Experience at Proed

Proficiency explained the meaning behind the rules and all the exceptions to the rules by using graphs and diagrams so I could visualise how everything worked. It didn’t take me long to get a handle on differentiation after my tutor’s explanation! 
I also found that it was extremely convenient to find the right class for me because I could choose from different classes which were taught at different speeds. I chose a class that moved quite fast, so my school would only be one week ahead of Proficiency. We finished the entire Mathematics and Extension One courses before trial HSC so we could spend time doing difficult past papers.
Furthermore, the weekly quizzes offered by Proficiency Education were great for ensuring that I kept up my skills and didn’t completely forget the things I had learnt weeks or months prior. Especially in the last few lessons I had at Proficiency Education, my tutor went through a brief overview of the whole course, reminding us about important formulas, common mistakes to avoid and the types of tricky questions we could encounter. This made me feel more confident going into the HSC because I could be sure that I had revised every single topic.

Results I Attained

I would like to genuinely thank Proficiency for helping me to grasp the basics and reach the next level. I ended up achieving a 99 in HSC Mathematics and state ranking 8th place in all of NSW, a 98 in Extension One Mathematics and a 95 in Extension Two Mathematics.