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William Lu

Sydney Secondary College

Before Proed:

When I first joined Proficiency Education, I was extremely unmotivated and was consistently not engaging in my classes as none of the concepts taught felt interesting to me. I particularly hated Maths and was ranked around last in my school. 
Another point of struggle for me was definitely English. I usually scored 50% for my essays and found it difficult to properly structure an essay. I also struggled a lot with the appropriate vocabulary when writing essays and was often too colloquial. 

Experience at Proed

Thanks to Proficiency Education, Maths actually became tolerable to me. My tutor taught us in a unique and creative way and made class fun.” William improved to the point where Proficiency recommended that he take up Mathematics Extension One. “When I didn’t understand something, my tutor would explain it in a different way, and if I still didn’t understand, he would use another method of explaining it. He made sure we truly understood, and then would he move on to the next topic. I didn’t feel lost or confused like I did at school when the teacher moved through topics too fast.

Furthermore, through my English lessons at Proficiency, I learnt how to structure essays properly, and my tutor gave me lots of resources such as other students’ Band 6 essays. By reading their essays which were of such high standard, I became inspired to write better. My vocabulary expanded because I picked up the sophisticated language that I had read in their essays. My tutor also helped me to find suitable related texts and analysed them with me. This gave me confidence to go into exams knowing that I was very prepared.

Results I Attained

In the end, I went from ranked around last to achieving a 91 in Mathematics, 90 in Extension one Maths, and a 91 in English Advanced. Proficiency completely transformed my attitudes towards school week, and truly helped me to find my potential.