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Tina Tu

Casimir Catholic College

Before Proed:

Before joining Proficiency Education, I felt like I was decent at maths but wanted to learn more. I also lacked confidence when approaching questions - finding myself always doubting whether my process of reaching my answers was correct. I looked towards Proficiency Education to deepen my knowledge and solidify my confidence. 

Experience at Proed

Proficiency provided me with foolproof techniques to approach every conceivable type of question, and exam tips which improved my time management. They also taught me how to structure my working out in order to maximise my marks, so I stopped wasting time writing down unnecessary steps of reasoning which definitely enabled an improvement in my marks. 

Furthermore, the sequence in which Proficiency teaches maths topics is much more intuitive than the sequence in which school teaches them. Proficiency’s teaching is structured, clear, and easy to understand – after we learnt Integration, we naturally segued into other topics that involve Integration. On the other hand, my school jumbled all the different topics together, jumping from Integration to Geometry, making us confused and unable to form a big picture of how the various topics fitted together. 

I also noticed throughout my time at Proficiency was that they often match the school curriculum but goes much more into depth into the concepts and ideas required. Proficiency provided much harder extension questions which tested the limits of our knowledge. For example, when I was struggling with the Mathematics Extension One Projectile Motion topic, my Proficiency tutor went over the topic thoroughly and methodically, ensuring that I had mastered the fundamentals and then challenging me with extension questions. 

Results I Attained

As a result of my time spent here at Proficiency Education, I consistently achieved significantly higher marks than my school classmates and was ranked first in maths throughout my senior years. My HSC scores were a direct reflection of the effort Proficiency tutors put in. Through this effort, I achieved an ATAR of 99.15, scoring 98 in Mathematics Extension One and 90 in Mathematics Extension Two whilst also obtaining the DUX position at my school.