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Eddy Wang

Sydney Boys High School

Before Proed:

Before Proficiency Education, I felt like I already had a solid foundation with Maths. However, I was underachieving in my exams and scoring only 60%. However, the main thing I struggled with was English. I wasn’t quite sure on how to structure an essay or what exactly to include in an essay. My school teacher left part way during the year due to sickness, which meant that my learning was disrupted and I felt confused about English.

Experience at Proed

One-to-one tutoring at Proficiency was really helpful because my tutor broke down all the rubrics, taught me how to write an essay, and made me read a lot of supplementary material which expanded my understanding.  He also spent his own time outside of tutoring hours to edit my essays and provide feedback no matter how busy he was. It was obvious that he really cared. By the time I started Year 12, I felt prepared and ready to go. Furthermore, my tutors alleviated the anxiety I had around university by giving me advice about how to structure my university timetable, what subjects I should choose, what mentality I adopt, etc. Proficiency isn’t just a tutoring centre. It feels like you’re being tutored by your friends, whereas other tutoring colleges don’t have the same level of interaction with their students

Results I Attained

Proficiency Education has been such a great help even throughout University. I ended up achieving a 98 in Extension One Mathematics, 96 in Extension Two Mathematics and 91 in English Advanced. I could not have been able to do it without the diligent amount of effort the tutors at Proficiency Education has to offer!