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Caroline Ho

Strathfield Girls High School

Before Proed:

Since I had always scored highly in Maths even before commencing at Proficiency Education, I didn’t think that I would need Maths tutoring for Years 11 and 12. However, in Year 11, I began to feel daunted by the increased difficulty of the Maths Preliminary Course compared to junior high school Maths. I trialled a few different tutoring centres, but I didn’t find the support I was looking for. 

Experience at Proed

When I came to Proficiency, I discovered that the teachers at Proficiency are not only experienced and passionate about what they teach, but they are also friendly, personable and caring. They are always willing to help, even outside lesson times, and they teach the syllabus in an engaging and relatable way. I remember that when we were learning the Permutations and Combinations topic, my teacher made up examples to explain the topic using the names of different students in our class. This made the topic far more interesting and as a result, I remembered his explanations of the topic more clearly. Even Friday afternoon classes at Proficiency were interesting – although I was tired from the school week, the teachers were so engaging that I kept my focus.

Results I Attained

By attending Proficiency Education, I felt like my needs were truly catered to. I developed a lot more confidence in doing Maths and became less anxious in exam conditions. I improved my school ranks from top 15 at the beginning of Year 11 to 1st in Mathematics and 4th in Mathematics Extension One by the HSC. In the end, I achieved an ATAR of 99.05 and scored a 97 in Mathematics and 98 in Mathematics Extension One.