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Bovan Lin

Sydney Boys High School

Before Proed:

Before ProEd, I was ranked around 200th in my school due to my initial struggle with staying motivated for my subjects due to large classroom structures and the difficulty to participate in discussions or voicing my concerns. My lack of practice due to my motivational deficiencies was also quite detrimental to my grades as I often made a lot of silly mistakes in my Maths exams and struggled to properly answer the questions in English. 

Experience at Proed

The small group set up for my lessons at Proficiency was really useful for discussing and sharing ideas. By putting all our minds together, we were able to build upon each other’s knowledge. I had other people to motivate and inspire me. On top of helping me with school work, the tutor gave us a weekly Area of Study practice exam paper to complete, which would be returned the following week with proper feedback and marking. This helped me to keep up my short answer skills, especially since I struggled with that section.

In the weeks leading up to exams, Proficiency would hold revision lessons to recap the specific topic that the exam would be on. This helped to refresh my memory and ensure that I achieved the best marks possible in the exam. After receiving my exam papers from school, I would also go over the mistakes I made during the exam and identify areas in which I can improve upon. By working on these ideas in the following weeks, I was able to gain a more comprehensive understanding of each subject. 

Results I Attained

After attending Proficiency Education, I received a band 6 in both Extension 1 and 2 Mathematics as well as a band 6 in English and improved to the top 60 in my school. Proficiency has provided an incredibly enjoyable learning experience and was my second home throughout the struggles of HSC.