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Calvin Lam

Baulkham Hills High School

Before Proed:

Before attending Proficiency Education, I was ranked towards the bottom of my cohort. As I started my senior years of studies, I realised that I was falling behind in comparison to my peers in school. Despite attending other tutoring centres in an attempt to improve my grades, I found that many other tutoring centres often herded students into large classes and taught at paces which were too quick and difficult to keep up with. A lot of the time, they didn’t pay much attention to the individual needs of students which resulted in me falling behind even further. 

Experience at Proed

In Proficiency, I was in a small class of around ten people. My tutor knew each student personally, and was able to identify what topics and skills each student struggled with the most. For example, after I failed to answer an Extension Two question on Mechanics that the tutor posed to us, he realised that this was a recurring issue for me. He then gave me a lot of practice specifically on Mechanics questions, so I improved a lot. My tutor also gave us personalised marking – whenever he marked our work, he would write comments specific to the areas in which we made mistakes. He pointed out where I could have shown more working out for a question and where I could have used a more efficient method to answer the question.”

Results I Attained

After Proficiency Education, I ended up achieving a band 6 in Extension 2 Mathematics which I never thought was possible considering the beginning of my highschool trajectory. One of the most important skills that I gained at Proficiency was exam speed. Initially, I had minimal checking time during exams, but after practicing so many past exam papers and questions at Proficiency, I became good at finishing exams early with lots of time to check my work. At Proficiency, time was allocated before class to complete a past exam paper, and then we would go through the paper in class. This constant practice instilled in me an ability to think quickly and accurately on the spot, and gave me confidence in problem solving.