Proficiency Education - Your Professional Coaching Experts

Who We Are

With experience, results, and a passion to excel, we are Sydney’s Tuition and teaching Experts. We specialise in English, Mathematics Science and Economics, ranging from Years 7-12.

Our Team understands what the students are going through. Our dedicated Teachers have utilised and developed their many years of experience to create the most effective and most rewarding method of studying to excel in the HSC.

How Do We Teach

Our teaching methods are evolved from one fundamental value which is ‘responsibility’.

All the mentors at Proficiency Education follow an Adaptive teaching system. This means that our tutors will focus on what the student already knows and teach brand new concepts by building on top of the students existing foundation. This system is only achievable due to the caring, responsible and proficient nature of our teachers as regardless of your current level, we WILL take you where you need to be.

A Note From Our Founder

“The road to success is long and challenging.

Right from the get-go, our students not only understand the amount of hard work, effort and dedication that is required to reach their goals, but most importantly, how we can help guide them there. With the conclusion of every lesson, our students grow in confidence and ultimately excel in their studies like never before.”

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Our Centre

Our campus is conveniently located in the heart of Burwood just 2 minutes walk from Burwood Station. We have a wide range of facilities including study area and refreshment stations to enhance our students learning environment. Our office is opened everyday and are always available to students who just needs a place to study.